Geevee Assorted Chai
Geevee Assorted Chai

Geevee Assorted Chai



An assorted blend of CTC teas is sumptuous enough to drive away one’s morning blues. Carefully curated and sourced scrupulously from self-help groups and farmers in connecting tea lovers to the roots. Geevee Assorted Chai is truly wondrous with a balanced flavor profile and ambrosia flavors’ in the release.


Additional information

Weight 200 g
    • Ingredients

      CTC tea

    • Testing Notes

      Fully Bodied, Brisk, and flowery.

    • Add ons

      Milk and Sugar.Best relished as Milk tea/Chai.

    • Brewing Guide:

    • 180ml

    • 85-90⸰C

    • 2g/1tbsp

    • 2mins

    • 2 Steeps

Tea's Journey

In The Farm

The smaller tea leaves for the “Broken Orange Pekoe” grade are grown in the undulating elevation of 2,000 meters above sea level in farms near the elegant city of Coonoor in Nilgiris, making it grow slowly bringing out the distinguishing flavor and aroma. The farmer, who is also the tea artisan, in this case, maintains and harvests the leaves with personal passion care to ensure the leaves are of the highest quality suitable for orthodox processing

Minimal Processing

Harvesting time does its magic in influencing the quality of tea. Humidity content is largely reduced in The process of withering for it takes place for 12-18 hours. When a statutory/permissible wither has arrived, the leaves are ready for rolling. Like how a cut apple turns color over a while on exposure to air, likewise, the oxidation and tanning of the cell fluids are called fermentation in tea leaves giving the characteristic copper-red at the end of a 2-3 hour process. Uniform Hot air is supplied to arrest fermentation after a statutory limit. Now that the tea leaves are ready to be made into a premium cuppa tea, grading and sorting is an essential step in bringing out the best tea leaves to your cup.